Jenna Bailey is a writer, social historian and oral history consultant. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Oral History and Tradition (COHT) at the University of Lethbridge, Canada and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research (CLHLWR) at the University of Sussex, England. Jenna’s PhD in Contemporary History and her Master’s degree in Life History Research and Mass Observation are from the University of Sussex and her BAH in History is from Queen’s University, Canada.

Jenna is the author of the best-selling Can Any Mother Help Me? (Faber) which has been translated into Dutch and made into a theatrical production that toured the UK. She has written for The Scotsman, Cosmopolitan Magazine, You Magazine, The Book Magazine and BBC History Magazine.

In addition to her work in women’s history Jenna also writes on the subject of grief and loss, including her most recent essay published in A Grief Observed Readers’ Edition containing C.S. Lewis’ original text along with contributions by Hilary Mantel, Rowan Williams, Francis Spufford and other noted authors.

Jenna is currently working on her next book about Ivy Benson’s All Girl Band.

Jenna’s work is dedicated to her beautiful younger sister Emma who, with her brilliant sense of humour, hilarious laugh, and remarkable capacity for love, is missed more than words can express. Emma Leigh Bailey (May 30, 1983 – May 21, 2007)