In addition to her writing and teaching, Jenna works as an oral history consultant where she advises community oral history projects on all aspects of the project’s development, management and execution. Jenna has significant experience as a project manager in the community history sector and has also worked as a script consultant for theatrical and television companies. Please contact her if you are interested in inquiring about working with her on an upcoming project.


Coyote Flats Pioneer Village Oral History Project

Winner of the 2015 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming

Jenna consults for the Coyote Flats Pioneer Village Oral History Project which involves a partnership between Coyote Flats Pioneer Village, Picture Butte High School and the Centre for Oral History and Tradition at the University of Lethbridge.



University of Lethbridge 50th Anniversary Oral History Project

Jenna is also a consultant on the University of Lethbridge’s 50th Anniversary Oral History Project, a project being run through the Centre for Oral History and Tradition.


Mass Observation Communities Online Project

The Mass Observation Communities Online Project, was a collaboration between the Mass Observation Archive (MOA) and the Centre for Community Engagement at the University Of Sussex. This project, managed by Jenna, involved teaching community groups different techniques to record their own histories by using the historic MOA materials as inspiration.


University of Sussex 50th Anniversary Project

Jenna was one of a team of oral historians who interviewed alumni, former and current staff of the University of Sussex for inclusion in a website (50 Voices, 50 Faces), conference, exhibition and the publication of Making the Future: A History of the University of Sussex (Falmer, 2011).


Theatre and Television

Working with Foursight Theatre Jenna assisted in the development of the script for the theatrical production of Can Any Mother Help Me? which toured theatres throughout the UK in 2009. She has also worked with several television production companies as a consultant.

Can Any Mother Help Me? audience Q&A in Portsmouth.